International Student Recruitment in the Time of Coronavirus

July 20, 2020

Sign reading "The world is temporarily closed"

With COVID-19 putting much of the world in lockdown at home, most education institutions have had to rapidly shift their programs to online delivery. For student recruiters who are used to recruiting new students at International education fairs, agent roadshows or highschool events, the shift has been just as rapid.

So, what is the new normal for international student recruitment? While adjustments are definitely required, it is perhaps not the best time to make drastic reductions to your international marketing budget. Instead, look to cost effective solutions that will mitigate or offset the impact of Covid-19 on future recruitment. In this article we explore, the different ways that international student recruiters can revise their marketing strategy

  • Hire contract international recruiters overseas
  • Digital and Mobile Marketing
  • Virtual seminars and experiences
  • Digital Communication Strategies to Gen Z
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